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Svpply: good marketing opportunity?

Svpply is a retail bookmarking and recommendation service.

“Svpply helps you find the products you love, from the people and stores you find interesting.”

It looks a little like a marketing-oriented Pinterest. Somebody already made investments in it. Let’s see whether brands will notice the opportunity.

Shopping from the video you’re playing

Yes, it happens. Or, it may happen. This technology has been well known for a couple of years in the US but none has used it in Italy so far.

Advertising by choice is their claim. By clicking on anything inside a video, you can get information and buy it. This allows to separate those who want to consume the ad and those who don’t. Everything in real time.

Here you can try this Hyperspots thing. Wow!!!

More on Social Media worldwide

After an overview of the coolest SN by country, here’s an analysis by Burson&Marsteller about how the biggest companies deal with Social Media.

It’s very dense with data and case histories, here we go with a few interesting points by me and SocialMediaMarketing.it.

  • Asian companies are running like hell, even on Twitter.
  • Even companies are starting lots of direct conversations on Twitter, not only for customer care purposes.
  • Facebook is invaded by brands: more pages, more likes, more updates.
  • Companies who did not blog still don’t, but those who used to do it are increasing their use of the platform.

According to B&M, we can assume are that companies are targeting different stakeholders in different ways, while stakeholders are showing increased interest in hearing from companies. Which isn’t necessarily true, IMHO.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the VIRAL

What are the most viral issues? God, sex, love… kittens!
No, seriously, we’ve always been told you can’t decide to do something viral – because you can’t predict what will become viral. Is there a way to understand if your next social web campaign is going to go viral?!

Mirko Pallera from Ninja marketing is studying the idea of virality. In this presentation he’s showing why viral is about social sharing of emotions. It’s about spotting an existing social Tension and replying by generating an Emotion. The result will be a Catharsis. In this process, brands are sense providers.

Nice work!

How to integrate social media into a communication campaign

I found a useful presentation from scratch about social media strategies. Complete and based on data.

Thanks to Rich Becker.

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