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Ifttt is a tool is based on a simple structure:
when something happens (THIS) then make something else (THAT)

The THIS part is a trigger, the THAT part is an action. When you link a trigger with an action, you have a task!

You can use one of these services of yours:

For instance, you can create tasks like these ones.

When you’re tagged in a Facebook pic, send the pic to your Dropbox.
When I mark a tweet as “favourite”, save it on Evernote.
When January 1 comes, tweet “Happy new year!”.
Wether it will rain tomorrow, notify me on GTalk.
When I check in on Foursquare, add the place and time to my GCalendar.

Useful, isn’t it?

Gimme some Badgeville!

Badgeville is a white label social rewards and analytics platform based on gamification. It helps web publishers in increasing audience engagement.

Here’s what TechCrunch said about them a few months ago:

When Foursquare first launched, there were no deals. There was no way to get free pizza or cheap beer. The only incentive to play their game was to earn badges and bragging rights among friends.

In order to increase loyalty and engagement of your audience, you can apply the gamification principles to a variety of situations. It works like this:

  • Define any high value activities for your audience
  • Reward any behavior
  • Users share their accomplishments with friends, building new traffic for you

Pretty easy, uh? You can integrate it with social login tools (i.e. Facebook Connect), get analytics report on your customers’ behavior and customize your offer as much as you want.

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