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Keep moving your ideas!

UPDATE: I did one for Mikamai as well!

Prezi is a new way to present your ideas.

There are no slides, just a path. You can insert text and images, play with dimensions and create a path to link them all together like a video.

You can start from something big and put something small into it, or jump from one side to another into a picture.

This is what I did for Nuok. It works for me!

The man’s guide to… love?!

The man’s guide to love is a social experiment.

Here’s what they say about this project:

“What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to other men on the subject of love?”  It started with one question.  So far we’ve collected a thousand answers. For the last few months, we’ve been traveling around the country asking men of all ages, all backgrounds, that simple question. (…) But what has been most incredible is actually engaging in a completely candid dialogue about a subject that men rarely talk about: love.  How to find it, how to keep it, how to avoid it — whatever a man wants to say, we listen.

According to someone, content is king. Moreover, UGC is king as well. Let’s omit business considerations – here we have real people from all over the US. They meet a complete unknown with a camera and start talking about their advice to other men about love.
Someone is witty, someone’s fun, someone is boring, but everyone can share some wisdom with the world.

More wisdom after the jump!

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1Idea1App, have it done for free

Do you have an idea for a mobile app but you don’t know how to make it real?

1Idea1App can develop it for you! Think about the app you want and describe how it works. Think about your target, your competitors and your business model.

You can submit your idea within June 30, 2011. The best idea will become an app! A marketing campaign will be run by Republic+Queen.

The whole thing is by MobileSchool, “a platform for people willing to teach how and why it’s good to join the mobile market”.

TabPress as a way to customize your tabs

TabPress is a free Facebook application that allows Admins to easily create a custom iFrame tab for their fanpage.

Would you like to have different contents for fans and still-not-fans? With TabPress you can just enter the content for fans and non fans in different boxes. You can use HTML tags, CSS and JavaScript.

There’s also a multi-tab template here. Useful!

Tips for Eventbrite

Do you set up events?
One of the quickest ways to let people subscribe to your event is Eventbrite. You can publish, promote and manage you events, and sell tickets as well.

Can you use it properly? Here are a few hints about making it right. IMO the most relevant are:

  • Get your dates right – nothing’s worse than spreading two different dates, or places.
  • Include links for further info – about the event, about you, about details.
  • Make sure to list any freebies – you don’t want people to come over just for food, but it helps!
  • Custom pages can help you sell more tickets – I still haven’t tried it but I trust them. Here some examples.

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