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Great app for tourism in Japan

One year after Fukushima, tourism is Japan is still struggling. How can we change the way potential tourists see Japan?

Through this app, for instance. Post from Japan makes already existing tourists ambassadors of Japan through Social Media in a new way.

The idea: surfing the internet abroad is expensive, so most of the tourists’ pictures are not uploaded online. The app gives you free internet connection to upload your pictures on Facebook. The more likes you get, the more minutes of free connection.

By the way, it’s just a student case. But still, great idea!

Join Obama for dinner?

Yesterday I got an email by President Obama himself… I know it’s him, it’s written in the sender name! He told he’s interested in having dinner with me.


By the way, it’s a great idea. You support Obama, you get a chance to have dinner with him. Here you can give it a try.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the VIRAL

What are the most viral issues? God, sex, love… kittens!
No, seriously, we’ve always been told you can’t decide to do something viral – because you can’t predict what will become viral. Is there a way to understand if your next social web campaign is going to go viral?!

Mirko Pallera from Ninja marketing is studying the idea of virality. In this presentation he’s showing why viral is about social sharing of emotions. It’s about spotting an existing social Tension and replying by generating an Emotion. The result will be a Catharsis. In this process, brands are sense providers.

Nice work!

Email marketing tip: pretend it’s confidential

According to Ryan, it’s only confidential till the release on Monday, April 4th. So it’s ok to talk about it now =)

On second thought, it’s not confidential at all. It’s marketing.

Ryan wrote me about a new game app by Hootsuite and found an interesting way to present it! Good job, IMO.

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