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Great app for tourism in Japan

One year after Fukushima, tourism is Japan is still struggling. How can we change the way potential tourists see Japan?

Through this app, for instance. Post from Japan makes already existing tourists ambassadors of Japan through Social Media in a new way.

The idea: surfing the internet abroad is expensive, so most of the tourists’ pictures are not uploaded online. The app gives you free internet connection to upload your pictures on Facebook. The more likes you get, the more minutes of free connection.

By the way, it’s just a student case. But still, great idea!

Save money with augmented addiction

You ran out of cigarettes but you really want another one? There’s an app for that!

With Bump a smoke! you can buy virtual smokes and exchange them by bumping. A real cigarette for a virtual one.

When your pack of virtual cigarettes is full you can go to a store and get a real one.

Does it actually work? No, it’s just for a class assignment.

Thanks to Alessandra Colucci for the hint!

1Idea1App, have it done for free

Do you have an idea for a mobile app but you don’t know how to make it real?

1Idea1App can develop it for you! Think about the app you want and describe how it works. Think about your target, your competitors and your business model.

You can submit your idea within June 30, 2011. The best idea will become an app! A marketing campaign will be run by Republic+Queen.

The whole thing is by MobileSchool, “a platform for people willing to teach how and why it’s good to join the mobile market”.

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