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Let me Google that for you

Oldies but Goldies: LMGTFY is a simple app showing your friends how Google can solve many issues.

How many times you were asked to reply to questions which just need a few seconds on Google? Let me Google that for you shows how simple it is and help your friends being more proactive. AND – you won’t waste your time again and again.

You can just go to their Google-like website and type the words you need. The resulting clip is simple and effective.


More Chrome extensions!

I’m using Shareaholic as well. It’s made to share any URL in the quickest way possible.

It’s quite impressive because you can customize the sharing options as much as you want – there’s plenty of choice of social networking, webmailing, instant messaging, bookmarking, shorteners, tools and social news.

When I shared a link on Fb I could decide wether to publish it with my personal profile OR with one of the fanpages I admin.
Here’s my favourite Chrome extensions.

Essential Chrome extensions

chrome extensions

Right now on my Chrome browser:

  • Gmail Checker tells me how many unread emails I have;
  • Chromed Bird tells me how many unread tweets I have. If there are also mentions or DMs it turns green;
  • Awesome Screenshot takes screenshots of the whole page or just a selected area;
  • Firebug Lite shows the hidden secrets of every webpage;
  • Chromeshark has basic controls for the Grooveshark app
  • Discotheque is an app by a friend generating a playlist of the videos you’ve seen on Youtube.

Have fun!

I’m creative and I live in my own world. Alone.


Let’s face it: there are things real people don’t say about advertising.

This stunning point of view leads us to a question: are we still starting from the wrong assumptions? Probably, I’d say.

How to integrate social media into a communication campaign

I found a useful presentation from scratch about social media strategies. Complete and based on data.

Thanks to Rich Becker.

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