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New Features for page admin on Facebook

Facebook is adding new features for page administrators. We’ll now have different admin roles:

  • Manager
  • Content creator
  • Moderator
  • Advertiser
  • Analyst

The Manager has the most permissions and  is the only admin who can access admin roles. Details here.

Moreover, we’ll be able to schedule posts. Well, we could already do it with other tools, but still.

In addition to that, we’re now able to promote the updates for extra cash. More info here. We’ll see how Facebook users will react to promoted posts in their news feed.

Email marketing tip: pretend it’s confidential

According to Ryan, it’s only confidential till the release on Monday, April 4th. So it’s ok to talk about it now =)

On second thought, it’s not confidential at all. It’s marketing.

Ryan wrote me about a new game app by Hootsuite and found an interesting way to present it! Good job, IMO.

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