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QR codes? Like it!

Do you know QR codes? Pretty old stuff, uh?

A free service called Likify allows you to show your appreciation in the only way that counts: a thumbs-up on Facebook.

The service lets you generate a unique QR code, which can fit in posters, flyers, store fronts, advs, etc.

Each time someone scans the barcode, the number of Likes is tracked, supplying valuable statistics on where and when your items were liked.

Android first in mobile adv market

In 2010 Android phones sold more than iPhones, but only in early 2011 the advertising market does the same switch – as stated by Millennial Media.

According to Mashable:

Android ad requests grew 141% from Q3 to Q4 of 2010 while Apple requests grew 12% and RIM requests grew 60%.

The data refer to about 80% of US mobile market, but they show a trend quite known.

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