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Bye FBML, hello iframes!

In march 2011 Facebook asked to switch asap from static FMBL to iframes.

Static FBML isn’t working as it used to be and it isn’t allowed anymore to create new tabs through it. Customization of fan pages is a little more difficult now.

Here’s a tutorial about creating custom tabs on your Facebook page with iframes. There’s plenty of it. Really!

There’s much more to do:




TabPress as a way to customize your tabs

TabPress is a free Facebook application that allows Admins to easily create a custom iFrame tab for their fanpage.

Would you like to have different contents for fans and still-not-fans? With TabPress you can just enter the content for fans and non fans in different boxes. You can use HTML tags, CSS and JavaScript.

There’s also a multi-tab template here. Useful!

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