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Embed & Storify

Storify is a creator of stories through Social Media. You can pick  the best photos, video, tweets and more and turn them into stories that can be embedded anywhere.

The more popular your topic is, the better. Like, “Police brutality at Occupy“.

If I were a journalist I’d use it all the time.

Moreover, Storify is now a WordPress plugin! Now you can embed your stories into WordPress with a couple of clicks.


Collaborative screenplay writing

Lost in Google is a social web series. It’s social because the viewers’ comments to the previous episodes are used to develop the plot for the next ones.

Just the best comments are used, of course. In the comments to the pilot someone asked the female protagonist to eat a banana, and she did it on episode #1.

Best wishes to the Jackal!

How to avoid “death by Powerpoint”

Death by Powerpoint occurs when you bore your audience to death during a presentation. Maybe because after 20min the page number says 15/131, or because your bullet points overwhelm everything else.

How can you enhance your presentation skills and avoid killing people?

I’m dealing with a couple of books really worth reading. The first one is Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds.

The second one is Slide:ology by Nancy Duarte. Neither is brand new, both are very useful.

Everyone should read them. I’ll just write down a few (bullet?) points I have to keep in mind, but there’s much more than this.

Presentations are about story-telling. They’re much more similar to a documentary film than to a paper document full of data.

Ask yourself who your audience is, what you are asked to do, what the venue is like, but uber alles: what is your point? Moreover, ask yourself why it matters.

Make your ideas sticky by making them simple and unexpected. Your name and logo aren’t really necessary in every single slide.

Good designs have plenty of empty space. A slide with more than a few words is not a slide, it’s a document. What about only one sentence, or one word? Or no words?

Remember the principle of signal vs. noise to remove useless elements.

Create contrasts. If it’s different, make it very different.

Keep in mind the principles of repetition, alignment and proximity.

Practice your presentations till you are blue in the face, and leave your audience satisfied yet yearning for a little more.

Here I found a better review. Enjoy!

Can I eat it? Can I have sex with it? Will it kill me?

What Makes Them Click is trying to apply psychology to understand how people think, work, and relate. It makes you

more effective, more successful at your work and in your career, and get to know better why you and the people around you do what you do.

Some examples:

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