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Create a mosaic of pictures

How can I put a picture into a picture? No, it’s not an Inception meme!

Let’s say you want to generate a mosaic image starting from:

  • a main picture
  • many small pictures

I’m currently doing a little contest with AAF and I need exactly this. So I took one picture of mine:

It’s a former amusement park in Coney Island. This is my main picture.

Then I went to the not-so-good looking web app Pictosaic.Here you can generate mosaics in a few clicks and you can choose which pics you want to use. You can upload your own gallery in a zip file or pick some existing ones. You can also decide the merge rate and the number of images you want in the final result.

In the end you get something like this, click to enlarge:

Great tool! Thanks to… well, I can’t find a Contact page. The Twitter account looks abandoned as well. Too bad.

Facebook Pros: enhanced profile pics

The new Facebook layout let customers have fun with personalization. All of a sudden there’s plenty of new services: I used FacebookTiles to create the effect that made Alexandre Oudin famous.

You can drag and drop the pic you want – only on HTML5 supporting browsers – and a graphic tool will cut the image for you. Then you will be able to upload the pics on your FB account and tag yourself in the right order.

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