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Social Media ROI: case histories + links

The same old story: can you translate your Social Media campaigns into numbers, profits, revenues? Are the measurable metrics meaningful by themselves?

If you need to start from scratch, read this.

Case histories:

More info:


Analytics benchmarking

All the data collected from Nov 2010 to Feb 2011 by Google Analytics is now available through the anonymous data sharing tool.

Here we have some data aggregation by country The first number in each cell represents the metric for the date range Nov10 – Feb11. The parenthesized number is the Year over Year delta compared to a year ago. Broadly speaking, compared to a year ago, websites have seen reduced pages per visit, average time on site and bounce rate.

Moreover, here we have some data by traffic sources. The results about Adwords seem very good, compared to other sources.

Lastly, traffic sources below are identified by how the source and medium parameters are received by Analytics. I see the Other sources are far higher than the ones of the sites I manage.

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