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Get your music fast and easy

How many times the User Generated Content has to deal with copyright issues related to music?

Holiday slideshows, promos, sketches and personal videos of any kind can’t feature your last favourite song unless you go through some music licensing.

Here’s an interesting way to keep it simple: FriendlyMusic offers free music, music on a budget and great advices.

About them:

Friendly Music, a new website by Rumblefish Inc., is a product of the explosive mix generated by seasoned software geeks and haggard music licensing professionals. We challenged one another to reduce the inefficiencies of the music licensing business as it related to the most pervasive new media trend: User Generated Content. To us, it did not make sense for music licensing to take longer and generate more headaches than the creative production itself. So, we joined our powers to create a service called Friendly Music- a website that hosts a comprehensive catalog of copyright-cleared songs, providing music to create the perfect soundtrack for User Generated Content like online videos, photos and slideshows.

Can you merge it?

Let’s face it: we keep making business into the Facebook world – but we are definitely powerless to any sudden change by the Zuckerberg guys.
They decide, we follow. There’s no innovation in such a process, we just keep chasing who’s ahead of us.

For instance, how long did you wonder how to migrate a personal profile into a page? Now there’s the tool and the related FAQ. A tool to reverse the process is also available after technical issues occurred in the past few days.

Related issues:

Into the MEMEs

What is a MEME? It’s an idea spreading through the internet. Anything can turn into a meme: a link, a hashtag, a picture, a video.

FAIL, Lolcats, Sad Keanu, Di Caprio from Inception, Chuck Norris are just a few examples.

One of the new Firefox4 demo sites is based on the demotivational posters: it’s a simple tool using HTML5. You drop images in the editor and add your caption. Go show some creativity!

Email marketing tip: pretend it’s confidential

According to Ryan, it’s only confidential till the release on Monday, April 4th. So it’s ok to talk about it now =)

On second thought, it’s not confidential at all. It’s marketing.

Ryan wrote me about a new game app by Hootsuite and found an interesting way to present it! Good job, IMO.

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