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Essential Chrome extensions

chrome extensions

Right now on my Chrome browser:

  • Gmail Checker tells me how many unread emails I have;
  • Chromed Bird tells me how many unread tweets I have. If there are also mentions or DMs it turns green;
  • Awesome Screenshot takes screenshots of the whole page or just a selected area;
  • Firebug Lite shows the hidden secrets of every webpage;
  • Chromeshark has basic controls for the Grooveshark app
  • Discotheque is an app by a friend generating a playlist of the videos you’ve seen on Youtube.

Have fun!

20 things I learned

Google set up a nice instance of crossmedia: it’s a website (level 1) holding a book (level 2) about where the web is going (level 3).

What’s a cookie? How do I protect myself on the web? And most importantly: What happens if a truck runs over my laptop?

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