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Scavenger hunt on Social Media by Red Bull

The Red Bull Timeline Timewarp is a tricky scavenger hunt game on Facebook. It started with the Facebook Timeline switch on March 2012.

Red Bull asked its fans to join the contest through their Timeline. There’s also an app for Terms & Conditions.

How did it work? Users were supposed to go through these tasks:

  • Find dates on pictures
  • Search the Timeline
  • Find a date on a Spotify playlist
  • Find a date in a barcode image
  • Find the timecodes of given pics in a video
  • Rearrange the letters in a sentence to find a date
  • Pick some letters from a sentence to create a URL

Many started, just a few made it to the end. Great job though! Further analysis here and here.

I want to pay with a tweet

Here’s some interesting data about profitable business models in 2010. In Italy I’d say Groupon is the most active and wideknown.

The model of Spotify is no longer news, but still does not work worldwide. Moreover, it does have competitors.

I like the Pay with a tweet model the most, even though I guess it’s hard to make it sustainable quickly.

The Quirky model is stunning as well, but still pretty hard to match with the way people think. Maybe.

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