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Take a break – listen to the flow of music

How many times are you forced to work on a deadline? Maybe you’re stressed and start feeling a little overwhelmed with everything you have to do.

Take a break.
I just stop working for a few minutes and have a coffee or a tea. Otherwise, you can just press crtl+T on your favourite browser and look for a cool music tool on the web.

This is what I like:

  • Grooveshark – this one is pretty cool. You can log in and save your playlists in an easy interface. A little time consuming, though.
  • Jango – it creates playlists based on the artist you pick. If you log in you can save them too.
  • Stereomood – how do you feel today? There’s a playlist for each mood.
  • The 61 – random music by not-so-known musicians. You probably never heard of them, hipsters said.
  • iTunes radio – old school streaming service with cool radios from all over the world. Useful to get used to listen to English speakers. That’s what I used in order to improve my English listening skills before going to the US.

Enjoy your time on the internet!

Get your music fast and easy

How many times the User Generated Content has to deal with copyright issues related to music?

Holiday slideshows, promos, sketches and personal videos of any kind can’t feature your last favourite song unless you go through some music licensing.

Here’s an interesting way to keep it simple: FriendlyMusic offers free music, music on a budget and great advices.

About them:

Friendly Music, a new website by Rumblefish Inc., is a product of the explosive mix generated by seasoned software geeks and haggard music licensing professionals. We challenged one another to reduce the inefficiencies of the music licensing business as it related to the most pervasive new media trend: User Generated Content. To us, it did not make sense for music licensing to take longer and generate more headaches than the creative production itself. So, we joined our powers to create a service called Friendly Music- a website that hosts a comprehensive catalog of copyright-cleared songs, providing music to create the perfect soundtrack for User Generated Content like online videos, photos and slideshows.

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