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It takes a Calibre to read everywhere

I just bought a Kindle and I’m moved to tears ;)

And I found this great free software to convert your PDFs into any ebook format you may need.

Its name is Calibre. Here’s a nice tutorial.


Drag and drop your 360° video

Stunning results for 360° videos! Yellowbird agency from the Netherlands is focused on a mix of Flash technology and great video shoots.

You can now drag and drop to move the camera as you like. Take a look!

Can Facebook own the word “face”?

The trademark for the word “face”, actually. In the context of “telecommunication services, namely, providing online chat rooms and electronic bulletin boards“.

More details on Mashable.

I’m thinking of this article by Tim Berners-Lee:

Your social networking site becomes a central platform – a closed silo of content, and one that does not give you full control over your information in it.

Open standards and neutrality by Tim Berners Lee

A nice post by Tim Berners-Lee about the future of World Wide Web and why we should fight to keep it free and open.

Here’s an abstract:

The principle of universality allows the Web to work no matter what hardware, software, network connection or language you use and to handle information of all types and qualities. This principle guides Web technology design.

Technical standards that are open and royalty-free allow people to create applications without anyone’s permission or having to pay. Patents, and Web services that do not use the common URIs for addresses, limit innovation.

Threats to the Internet, such as companies or governments that interfere with or snoop on Internet traffic, compromise basic human network rights.

Web applications, linked data and other future Web technologies will flourish only if we protect the medium’s basic principles.

Can I eat it? Can I have sex with it? Will it kill me?

What Makes Them Click is trying to apply psychology to understand how people think, work, and relate. It makes you

more effective, more successful at your work and in your career, and get to know better why you and the people around you do what you do.

Some examples:

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