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What’s so scary about Facebook?

UPDATE: News about business pages and Insights.

Frictionless experiences. With these words Zuckerberg described the future of FB at the F8 in San Francisco. Here’s a short list of what’s going on.

Timeline is the new Wall. It’s like the story of your life, but it’s currently being delayed due to copyright issues. The Open Graph news are stunning for a new generation of apps – here’s a showcase and yes, music will be available too.

Graph Rank is the underlying system that manages discovery of Open Graph activity around Facebook. It’s designed to give more prominence to engaging activity. This involves the new Newsfeed.

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Can you merge it?

Let’s face it: we keep making business into the Facebook world – but we are definitely powerless to any sudden change by the Zuckerberg guys.
They decide, we follow. There’s no innovation in such a process, we just keep chasing who’s ahead of us.

For instance, how long did you wonder how to migrate a personal profile into a page? Now there’s the tool and the related FAQ. A tool to reverse the process is also available after technical issues occurred in the past few days.

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