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Collaborative screenplay writing

Lost in Google is a social web series. It’s social because the viewers’ comments to the previous episodes are used to develop the plot for the next ones.

Just the best comments are used, of course. In the comments to the pilot someone asked the female protagonist to eat a banana, and she did it on episode #1.

Best wishes to the Jackal!

Gmail is running out of space!

So what?!

Just visit FindBigMail and allow them to enter your Gmail or Google Apps account.

You’ll have new labels added on your emails that weigh more than one, five and 10MB.

Go and find them!

How to merge a PDF

I had to scan and modify a contract but I did not know how to merge PDF pages in the end. Photoshop, Pages, OpenOffice don’t seem to be collaborative.

Am I supposed to install a software? I can’t afford having a software for everything.

I’d rather need a web app. So I found this tool which allows to combine different PDF documents into one – and vice versa. Lovely.

The timer of your life

Video production is a wild world, and I look at it from a distance. A few days ago, though, I had to use a chronometer to get the exact time it takes to read a text for a video.

But hey, I have no chronometer.

So I googled it and I found this one.

Now I know what I needed and I saved time ;)

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