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Live Streaming through Twitter

Isn’t Twitcam a piece of cake?

  1. Connect your webcam
  2. Login with Twitter
  3. Click the broadcast button

And then?

  • The app posts your video description and link to Twitter for all your followers to see.
  • While broadcasting, chat with your viewers via Twitter right from your broadcast page.
  • Once you’re done going live, your video is archived and available on the same page.

A link in my tweets – but WHERE?

Is there a position into a single tweet with higher click rates? Which is the most efficient position of the link in the 140 characters of a single tweet? The aim, of course, is to get the most clicks.

Dan Zarrella did a research on “200,000, random, bit.ly-link-containing Tweets”. Here’s the result:

CTR means click-through rate, which is the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions.

So, the best place for the link is about 25% of the way through the Tweet.

I’m looking forward further analysis on this =)

Live Twitter stream? Yes please

Let’s say you’re setting up some kind of event and you want to show a live Twitter stream. Let’s say you don’t have time to develop your own solution, you just have a cool hashtag. What do you do?

First of all you may think if it’s a good idea.

I’d take the risk. I’d use Twitterfall because it allows a good combination of lists, searches, geolocation and exclusions. It also lets you decide speed and size of the falling tweets.

Need a previous moderation? You can also use TweetChat, a service with log-in authentication which allows to block spammers and undesired messages.

Similar tools:

  • Monitter – a real time Twitter search tool that enables you to monitor a set of keywords on Twitter.
  • Gigatweet – displays the number of tweets since inception of Twitter and offers data by keyword.

How can I monitor online conversations?

People are talking, whether you like it or not. How can you know what they say?

I found this article really useful.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Set up Google Alert by keywords to get emails anytime someone talks about you
  • Use SocialMention to track and measure conversations about you and your competitors on major sites and social networks. You can also add a widget on your website.
  • Use a tool such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to track and manage conversations on Twitter and other social networks.
  • Monitor the blogosphere through Technorati.

If you need a more detailed analysis you can always look for a structured servoce, such as BuzzReader.

Twitter gets serious

Twitter released a Newsroom guide journalists in order to teach and explore everything you can do with it.

Here’s what they say about it:

We want to make our tools easier to use so you can focus on your job: finding sources, verifying facts, publishing stories, promoting your work and yourself—and doing all of it faster and faster all the time.

The guide is made of 4 parts:

REPORT: it’s about search, advanced and archive search, finding sources and mobile settings.

ENGAGE: here you can find some best practices about setting your account and creating effective content.

PUBLISH: everything on Twitter social plugins all over the web. Because you need it.

EXTRA: the place to go if you’re having some kind of trouble or you want to go deeper. Faqs, official blogs, data processing and data visualization.

There’s much more we can do with it. Let’s start!

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