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Take a break – listen to the flow of music

How many times are you forced to work on a deadline? Maybe you’re stressed and start feeling a little overwhelmed with everything you have to do.

Take a break.
I just stop working for a few minutes and have a coffee or a tea. Otherwise, you can just press crtl+T on your favourite browser and look for a cool music tool on the web.

This is what I like:

  • Grooveshark – this one is pretty cool. You can log in and save your playlists in an easy interface. A little time consuming, though.
  • Jango – it creates playlists based on the artist you pick. If you log in you can save them too.
  • Stereomood – how do you feel today? There’s a playlist for each mood.
  • The 61 – random music by not-so-known musicians. You probably never heard of them, hipsters said.
  • iTunes radio – old school streaming service with cool radios from all over the world. Useful to get used to listen to English speakers. That’s what I used in order to improve my English listening skills before going to the US.

Enjoy your time on the internet!

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