The power of cognitive surplus

I’ve attended the Internazionale Festival in Ferrara and I found an inspiring talk in Clay Shirky‘s How cognitive surplus will change the world. He introduced the idea of cognitive surplus and showed the difference between common and civic value as in LOLcats and Ushahidi.

According to Clay’s words:

cognitive surplus is the ability to volunteer and to collaborate on large, sometimes global, projects. It’s made up of two things. The first is world’s free time and talents. The second is media tools. By using cognitive surplus, we’re starting to see truly incredible experiments in scientific, literary, artistic, political efforts. We’re also getting, of course, a lot of LOLcats.

Finally, we can’t stop the LOLcats or any other Internet meme. But we can focus our efforts in building more Ushahidi and create social value enjoyed by society as a whole.

BTW, take a look at Ushahidi demo to get a hint about what it can do about mapping and sharing information!


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