How to use YouTube and be happy

youtubeBack from hiatus. Here we have an interesting case history about SEO on Youtube. The whole experiment is fun, here’s the tips I appreciated the most:

Use the description to actually describe the video, you could write a short story in this box but I suggest to not overdo it. Don’t stuff it full of popular keywords or irrelevant information. Don’t try and trick Google, it ruins the Youtube experience and they are extremely smart.

I agree with that, according to JC Penney as well.

If you have more than one video, use annotations to guide your viewers through to the next video, to your channel, video response and much more.

Input at least one call to action: a link to your website, annotation etc… Give the viewer the opportunity to see more content.

True. Once you gain someone’s attention, bring it where you need it.

Become a master of Youtube Insight. Demographics, discovery and much more data that will help you create your next video.

Just like you do with Analytics or Fb Insight for everything you have to track.

Make a video transcript (closed caption file). It helps with indexing, allows deaf users to read through your video and provides language support.

Adding video times (ex. 00:13) in the description box will automatically become a hyperlink to specific points in the video. Use it to create a mini video map, additional to the video transcript.

That is just cool!

Or, you can also find some useful tools – within Youtube’s terms of service – for engagement, submissions and tracking.

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